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What is a Dental Bridge....?

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Crown & Bridges 

Crown is a dental restoration otherwise known as “a cap” which covers the entire tooth.

It may be required in case of: 

  • Extensive damage by decay. 
  • Broken down old or very large fillings. 
  • Fractured, chipped or sensitive teeth. 
  • Root canal treated teeth. 
  • Discolored unesthetic teeth.
  •  Esthetically compromised teeth. 


A bridge is two or more crowns fused together and is a fixed prosthesis, unlike a denture. A missing tooth can be replaced with a bridge. The advantages of bridge as compared to denture are that the patient will feel more comfortable because the artificial teeth will only be put at the residual alveolar ridge and soldered to two crowns that act as retainers on either side. There will be no involvement of palate or tongue space as in dentures that can alter the patients' speech or masticators functions.

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